Example planting schemes

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Plant what you love and garden for the love of being outdoors in nature.  Local soil conditions will effect what works for you. 

As an example this is a list of the plants the initial pilot proposed to make up boxes of ‘starter garden packs’.    These are chosen for being low-level, fast maturing, hardy and easy to grow which, when mixed, provide year round form, colour and smell.  This is not to restrict you in any way, just to get you started if you don’t know where to start!

Plant NameSizeProperties
Phlox Paniculata    H90cmImposing border plant flowering Jul-Sep
Catmint (Nepeta Faassenii)  H 60-80cmDwarf & compact with light purple-blue flowers in summer.  (Cheaper, hardier & lower maintenance than lavender)
Festucca (Glauca Elijah Blue)  H40cmGrass; Blue foliage with brown plumes
Miscanthus (Indian summer)H1.5mGrass; bright orange and yellow feathery stems last through summer and autumn  
Philadelphus (Virginal)  H2.5mScented double white flowers
Sedum (Autumn Joy)  H&W 60cmPink flowers in summer turning red in autumn
Hebe (Dwarf evergreen veronica)  H&W 60cmEvergreen
Geranium (Magnificum ‘Rosemoor’)  H&W 50cmDense carpet of violet flowers in mid-summer.  Can be split after a couple of years.
Hellebores (Niger)  H30-40cmFlowers Dec-Mar, evergreen after first year.
Choisya (Tenata Goldfinger)  H&W 1.5mEvergreen.  Finger shaped fragrant foliage of bright yellow, orange scented white blossom late spring & again late summer
Salvia Nemorosa  60cm flower spikesUpright border perennial flowering profusely Jun-Sept
Heuchera (Lime Marmalade)  H40cmMasses yellow-green foliage, evergreen.  Flowers May-Sept.  Can be split.
Heuchera (Palace Purple)H37cmWhite flowers, deep purple to bronze leaves.  Compact.  Evergreen.  Can be split.  
Verbena Bonariensis  H 2mClusters of purple flowers on tall stems Jun-late oct.  Fabulous throughout border, growing up between denser shrubs to provide light touch of colour floating above the border. 
Lavender (Hidcote)  H 60-80cmCommon blue variety
Sage (Purple)  H80cm W1mEvergreen, with early summer  lilac-blue flowers.  Appropriate in border as well as dedicated herb bed.
Rosemary  H1.5mEvergreen herb with small purple flowers in summer.  Scented leaves.  Can grow huge, respond well to pruning. Excellent structure in border as well as part of herb bed.
Thyme   Low bushy evergreen, scented leaves, small white / blue flowers in summer.  Good ground cover in border as well as part of herb bed.

Happy Gardening!